About Commodity-Analysis.co.uk
Commodity Analysis is an advisory and educational website service started in 2010
by Guy Sisson, a 55 year old ex futures and treasury associate (spot FX) dealer who worked  in London between 1980 to 1994 for Companies such as E.F Hutton,
Merrill Lynch Int Bank, Conti Commodity Services Inc (later Refco) & Credit Lyonnais amongst others. Starting out as an 18 year old order clerk on the trading desk/floor and progressing to eventually service accounts ranging from high net worth retail investors to large corporate clients, Agri manufacturing companies such as Nestle and Suchard and International Banks with complex trading strategies and hedging needs.The career spanned roles in both derivatives and physical markets.
After leaving London and the financial markets to pursue a successful career in horticulture and his plant nursery was awarded numerous Royal Horticultural Society show medals including numerous Silver-Gilt, Silver, Bronze RHS awards for displays of rare& unusual climbing plants at the Chelsea Flower Show. He gave appearances on BBC TV, seminars and talks on the subject of rare temperate and tropical climbing plants & wrote numerous magazine articles and contributions for botanical books.
Upon his eventual return to trading in 2005 he found his amassed knowledge and experience of the markets and financial services stood him in an excellent position for his transition along the long road of applying technical analysis in depth to a wide range of futures markets.
Married since 1989 with two children he lives both near Bordeaux, France and London, England.
Over recent years he has built a growing band of followers with whom he has shared some of his well anticipated recent market calls including calling the bottom in the USDX in November 2010 and then it's subsequent failure in Jan 2011 to break above 81.50 .
The 'topping out' of Copper in February 2011 and also Coffee in September 2011, Corn in late 2011 early 2012 presented several excellent high return trades in both directions as the market structure held price in the sideways range and he was a lone voice in late autumn 2012 when warning of Gold’s impending fall as the financial press wheeled out all the 'usual suspects' to tell us gold was heading to 10,000 bucks! All these and many more from 2008 onwards were as a direct result of the particular brand of technical analysis using reaction lines and reaction line trading techniques. Most of all his professional experience in the varied futures markets has shown him that markets offer opportunities when trending up down and sideways and that unlike many equity traders it is never wise to confuse trading skills with the returns made in an over extended bull market.

We believe we have a service that is not only 100% professional and reflects the highest standards expected within the industry but also (and most importantly) it delivers with consistently large number of correct market calls and profitable trade setups.
Among the many markets he follows closely are spot EURUSD & EURGBP, Coffee, Gold, Copper, Corn, Wheat Soybeans and the USDX but above all...The Emini S&P.

To compliment the existing technical analysis and futures trading advisory service a  commodity consultancy service is offered to provide trading opportunities related to commodity transactions. Guy Sisson's professional experience in this field dates back to the 1980's & 90's and his involvement with physical spot and contract deals for Coffee,Cocoa, grains and precious metals ( Platinum & Palladium) during his employment at major commodity trading houses in London. The personal and professional approach is one built on trust and past success. Strong personal relationships have been built with our sellers and not  by spurious Internet connections and introductions. The network of sellers including Agricultural Trading companies,mining companies and copper cathode sellers & allows us to facilitate direct and transparent access for the buyer with the end seller/producer and avoids chains of mandates, intermediaries and facilitators and permits the purchase/sale of small to large bulk transactions primarily for copper cathodes but also for ferrous and non ferrous scrap.