Here you will find an eclectic mix of charts drawn off three charting platforms ( E Signal, Ensign Windows & MT4) some are exceptional, some are bizzare or baffling but all are further illustrations of multiple historical pitchfork trading incorporating reaction lines.
EURUSD currency pair going back to before it existed and was calculated as the ECU using in the greater part weighted to the value of the DM. Three pivots are used as P0 all in the early 1970s! The same P1 &P2 are used and three forks are drawn with reaction lines drawn in matching colours to the forks
Two screen shots of the daily chart showing the reaction lines from the three forks in detail...all three forks share the same P1 and P2 but have seperate P0's. The reaction lines have been inserted in the colour of the originating fork and express a total of 6 significant pivots.
And here is a similar study of EurUsd using a custom reaction line indicator
More detail from this basic pivot study which demonstrates that price is moving in multiple forks in multiple time frames.
A 240 min study of EurUsd showing the optimum contratrend turning point at the black UMLP/MLH and the two downsloping reaction lines with different angles
The next two charts show two templates with the same  period of price action in winter 2011
A simplified chart of EURGBP without reaction lines but with a horizontal historical median line in thick royal blue showing a recent suggested potential trade entry chart
A 2011 study for Natural gas
Support and resistance shown in Copper in 2011 at/ near the top (retest) of the market
The same chart as of May 2012 Log scaling
The same chart as of May 2012 Arithmetic scaling
A study of Coffee prior to a short position at/just under the pyschological resest of 300.00 and the confluence
of d/sloping reaction lines and the grey ML.
The same chart of coffee showing the price action around the two reaction lines and grey ML in the 60 min TF
Rough Rice in 2011 showing the support and resistance of historical ML/RL's
30 min T-Bond chart from early 2011 showing every major pivot defined by reaction lines and in a few cases medianlines
Corn: A new technique to deconstruct the most recent swing to give the next set of reaction lines which share the same frequency and location leading to high probability swing trades in any time frame
A similar study of Cable in early 2012. Not one of these ML's is Andrews/Schiff/Mod Schiff but a G-Fork using FNL pivots.
The result is eyewatering
The same study immediately after the lower pivot has been made showing price as it encounters the first set of reaction lines.
The same study showing price as it encounters the subsequent sets of reaction lines.
Gold: The perfect fork with a band of down sloping reaction lines -just before the drop it makes false break up ( a LL).
30 min Detail of the price action and market structure...look back at previous price action at each RL
The big one! A fork and reaction lines showing the rise of Gold since the early 1970's.
Another high time frame fork with RL's
The detail in the 4hr chart of the above fork and price action around the centre line& reaction line autumn/winter 2011
The 30 year US Bond index
Oats -ECBOT showing the influence (of support and resistance) and pivot formation and range.
Recent CAC40 activity.
Mini Dow futures (June 12) showing the confluence of RL/ML's
The same time period in the June 2012 emini S&P.
Reaction lines defining price in 30 min EURGBP