Advanced Reaction line trading- 8 week intensive educational course

The email containing the PDF course work files are delivered every Sunday evening /Monday morning(Central European Time).

Week 1:
Topics covered in week 1 include: An in-depth look at reaction lines (The lines that keeps on giving!) as used in the course plus the use of multiple historical pitchforks and their power to influence price proved beyond doubt. The study of price distribution around a line. The 'Russian Doll' fork concept. Plus familiar patterns take on a new dimension.

Week 2:
Chart construction and adding reaction lines using both manual method in Esignal (or any charting platform with a PF& line tool) and using the custom PF indicator in Metatrader 4  and the choice of PF's pivots depending on the historical data and which forks in what time frames? Also a section titled " New forks on old ideas" which deals with the drawing of 'unorthodox' or non-Andrews type pitchforks and shows how their reaction lines can be of great value and the forks themselves reveal market/trend direction intentions.

Week 3:
Reaction line price patterns and behaviour. How the different degree of the angle of a Reaction line effects price with both down sloping and up sloping examples. The overwhelming evidence of the primary effect of horizontal lines ( reaction or median) and ideas and examples on pivot formation relative to time. The classic reaction/median combo for catching retracements and simple 'trapdoor' breakout.

Week 4:
'Pivotal relationships' Part 1. Examining the relationship between sets of pivots within a single impulse and corrective wave ( as i understand them and illustrated here) using various  PF's. 'Deconstructing' the wave and the reaction lines that result from this exercise plus how they reveal the organic structure of price.

Week 5: 
'Pivotal relationships' Part 2. Introducing the FNL pitchfork. A powerful tool to use in any time frame. How and when to draw, choice of pivots (finding the correct frequency) and the trading strategy developed for both contratrend & trend continuation entries. This new concept is perhaps the most useful reaction line tool when applied correctly.

Week 6:
Observations part 1: examples on the formations of tops/bottoms at crucial horizontal reaction/median lines. Oscillation and trading the sideways range consolidation after the trend destination is reached and the 'tells' to look for ahead of a break out (continuation or reversal). 'Range forks' and their use... see price bounce on the head of a pin.

Week 7:
Observations part 2: Line location. Finding the true location of a line across multiple time frames and introducing the 'mirror-range line' concept plus the importance of understanding and using scaling. Log vs arith.
The use of extra longer videos (10 min) to demonstrate these concepts is included. The topic may sound mundane but the visuals are remarkable and the method can be replicated by you.

Week 8:
Trading the charts.Setups/Entries within the chart matrix.  Putting the previous 7 weeks plus reaction line theory all together and a look back at the results of the trades taken together (as examples) during the course. The top dozen identified repeatable RLor RL/ML combo patterns plus examples.

The  videos links and PDF files sent during this course are for private viewing only by the paid subscriber and should not be posted in any public forums/websites or redistributed (either in part or whole) without the authors consent.

45 for complete course (8 individual consecutive weekly lessons)