"Everything in the universe moves in a rhythmn. Nothing happens at random. The underlying factors are, in their turn, subject to the same rythymns as the final product.
The whole is not the sum of the parts, but both the whole and parts labor under the same influences".
George Lindsay- Market Analyst. (1906-1987)

To make sense out of chaos...........
This is the prerequisite aim all traders strive for when studying and applying technical analysis. On this page we offer a brief insight into which theories and what practices are applied in our charts but for a fuller understanding ask that you refer to our VIDEO section.

The charts and services offered on this site relate to our new approach to revealing hidden structure on any liquid commodity futures or Forex chart and show the true, natural or ‘organic’ structure pertaining to the past, present and future price behaviour derived from previous market action and its pivots and swings. As the market analyst George Lindsay alluded to in the quote at the top of this page there are underlying relationships and rythmns that influence price. Using new methods we can reveal enough of the hidden structure to build multiple time frame charts for any one market.  The end result is a powerful market map showing critical support and resistance areas and crucial potential price zones at reaction line confluences where there is a higher probability of price finding support or resistance or a possible major change of trend direction.
Our analysis concentrates on the use of multiple historical pitch forks (Median lines) and reaction lines to express the relationship between major pivots in a new study. Before now no comprehensive approach to understanding and trading reaction lines existed in any depth. We have formulated a new charting method using proven line tools which can be drawn from multiple pivots in any time frame and expose the very fabric of the underlying market.

The reaction lines used here are not arbitrary drawn trend lines but reflect the mathematical and geometrical relationship between three separate pivots which donate a market 'swing' or 'wave' and they express the relationship between price and time. They are drawn at specific intervals usually (depending on the charting platform) by a custom indicator program and thus each line cannot be moved or made more suitable to fit' price behaviour in a subjective manner.
You will see patterns in a new dimension and pennants, flags, head and shoulders and all manner of chartist’s patterns are now directly attributable to the matrix of the reaction and median lines. Depending on the time frame you can choose to see more or less of the structure. Our method reveals how price interacts around reaction and median lines and it is the nature of this price distribution that once understood ( 'cut -through' trend lines & 'mirror' lines) leads to greater clarity and understanding and profitable trades.

The Pitchfork itself and it's construction:
For a fuller understanding of some of the underlying methods and theories we suggest readers have a basic to intermediate understanding of Action:Reaction theory and of Dr Alan Andrews 'Andrews Pitchfork' or ' Median lines' and read his original study course and we offer links to many of the best educators in our resources section.
We use the Andrews and associated group of pitchfork's (Andrews, Schiff, and Modified Schiff) and a completely new type of proprietary pitchfork to display reaction line frequency of the current and previous price move.
Please refer to our Video section.
Here is a daily chart showing the GBPUSD currency pair with reaction line structure (red, dashed and solid) and one median line in thin black. The reaction lines come from multiple high time frame (weekly/monthly) forks which are not visible here and from which price has long since passed away from the main 'body' of the fork.

We chart all major futures and spot currency markets and produce a daily market newsletter for each important sector and weekly review and forecast

Take a few minutes to look at the chart examples and for a greater understanding check out our reaction line videos and resources section.

Fundamentals and economics are deliberately ignored so we can focus entirely on the technical market structure and are dealt with by those with a greater understandings of those subjects and are widely available on a host of websites.