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A comprehensive twice weekly PDF (with embedded video) report with an in depth look ahead at Gold, Oil, Copper, $ cross rates, USDX and emini equity futures plus every bi weekly edition will cover an additional one or more hot futures market which have caught our eye or which has signalled interest in the futures community. With in depth, insight and revealing analysis into the coming days. We apply our unique technical methodology to produce clean, clear and easily read charts and accompanying commentary that shows the most probable path for price in any market and what obstacles (resisting or supporting structure) may lie ahead and we examine what stimulus fundamental data events have on price direction. This service looks at the bigger picture- we step back from low time frame charts which can often confuse, complicate and distract from the overall clarity of the chart and this helps us deliver unambigeous medium and long term signals.
Suitable for traders of all levels. We will show you where important reaction lines are located and reveal the emerging patterns that are formed as price rebounds from one line to another and the probable path price will take. We will share with you our potential trade suggestions with the methodology for you to follow clearly and easily.
February/March 2017: current offers for physical commodities include manganese ore, Iron ore
IRON ORE 62.50% Lump
Country of Origin    : South Africa
Packing                      : In Bulk
Port of Loading        : Saldanha Bay Port, South Africa
Contract Quantity: 100,000/-Metric Ton (MT) per month over 60 month, reviewable at end 60 months. Buyer may request to increase volumes after initial 6 deliveries based on seller ability to supply. Subject to mutual agreement

Term of Contract: 60 months
Payment: Bank Guarantee/Irrevocable, Divisible Letter of Credit withConfirmation
Tolerance: (+/-10%) at Buyer’s option
Partial Shipment: Allowed

Iron (Fe)62.50% basis/minimum (Rejection below 62.00%)

Fe2O388.00% basis
Silica (SiO2)4.25% maximum
Ti021.10% maximum
MgO1.00% maximum
Alumina (Al2O3)0.65 % maximum
CaO0.50 % maximum
Chrome (Cr2O3)0.20% maximum
Na2O0.10% maximum

K2O0.10% maximum
Phosphorus (P)0.05 % maximum

MnO0.05% maximum
Sulphur (S)0.05% maximum
Moisture Content: 5.00% Max (Free Moisture loss at 105 degrees Centigrade)

Physical Composition (On Natural Basis)
Above 10MM:90% min
Below 10MM:2.5% max

Above 28 MM:2.5% max

Benchmark Price
1.US$ 70.00 for FOB, Saldanha, INCOTERMS © 2010 and a Per Dry Metric Ton (PDMT) basis at Port of Designation, based on contractual spec of Fe 62.50%  Fe (with max of 66.00% Fe and rejection 62.00%).
Pricing Review

The base benchmark price of $80 per ton shall be reviewed quarterly in line with international market prices linked to PLATTS, such review being concluded within 14 business days of the close of each quarter to allow any necessary adjustment to the banking instrument

Manganese ore: 46.02% Mn  800 MT FCA Warehouse Isando East Rand Johannesburg. RSA
Price: ZAR 4900 PMT
TT MT103 after re-test analysis.
Mn 46.02%;
Fe 0.79%;
SiO2 16.84%
P 0.032%;
Al2O3 2.27%;
S 0.046%
CaO 1.33%;
MgO 0.32%
Moisture 0.42%
There is annual contract of 32,000 MT available from same seller. This 800MT is available for viewing