Advanced Reaction line trading- 8 week intensive educational course

Learn to make your own market maps for any market in any time frame using any charting platform.

Simplify your analysis with linear structure and create a clean, easy to understand uncluttered chart with reaction/median lines where every line has the optimum potential to effect price behaviour. Learn which pivots to chose and forks to draw under many different market conditions ( trending, consolidation, pivoting/reversing etc.) and with less than a dozen forks plus their Reaction Lines reveal critical organic structure. Learn how to trade price within this structure. Spot trends quickly by observing price action at critical support/resistance lines and see the optimum time to act in trend direction using our library of recognised reaction line patterns.
The course consists of 8 consecutive weekly PDF files plus optional follow up one to one discussion by phone or email with each weeks charts and topic.
Each weeks extensive PDF booklet has it's own embedded explanative video included within the  illustrating charts and accompanying text and deals with different topics. Starting with a detailed look at reaction lines and then creating a meaningful chart with historical ML/RLs and building up to cutting edge advanced ideas, theories and unique applications such as our own proprietary pitchfork and its application plus important observations on scaling, the phenomenon of multiple line location, 'wave deconstruction', and other reaction line topics and techniques available no where else within the technical analysis community. All of these concepts will be illustrated  and confirmed beyond any doubt.
These new advances in Reaction Line Theory and their application during the 8 weeks use  selected current market charts to illustrate different price behaviours at line structures plus reveal trade setups and entries which can be followed during the course.The objective of the course is to give you the ability to see price in a new light and construct meaningful studies in multiple time frames for any market and apply the advanced charts and new techniques for revealing clearly and profitably trade entries within the context of your own trading style (position, day intraday, swing,scalping) and personal trading discipline (money management, account size and management and personal psychology).

Delivered Weekly by Email containing a PDF file + video
Free Monthly Outlook (selected markets)
24/7 One-to-One Customer Support + Personal Discussion.
Emini S & P intensive deluxe 'Pro-Trader'

The flagship service we offer with our advanced daily analysis covering both the European and US trading sessions.
1. Mid/late morning London: Video for European emini session analysis and forcast ( ES &YM) and a look at the CAC,DAX and FTSE futures.
2. US Session:  Video with in depth look at the current session underway.
3. Access to our live private chart page updated during the day
A "under the skin" rolling multi time frame analysis to appraise market trend/direction and behaviour simply searching for potential trade setups and entries.
Using all the linear studies knowelegde and experience at our disposal we apply the reaction line theory to it's maximum potential.
Bar by bar you will see how price behaves as it encounters each important individual supporting or resisting reaction or PF line and from these chart observations spot breakouts, retouches, failures, range limits, RL patterns, price squeezes.Fib &RL/ML confluences. This service concentrates specifically on the Emini S&P but we often include other charts in the analysis of the emini Dow (YM), the Russell (TF) and other European & World equity indices ( both cash and futures)

The aim is to offer several profitable trades each week which will more than pay back the modest monthly fee.

Integrate and/or overlay with exisitng strategy or indicators.
Actionable Trade Ideas
Adaptable To Your System/ template overlay
Enhances Existing Systems eg Fibs
Delivered Twice Daily By Email/ video
Free Introductory eBooks On Reaction Lines
Free Monthly Outlook PDF.
Free daily Templates offered for MT4 and Esignal 10.6 platform.

24/7 One to One Personal/individual Customer Support & General Discussion
Products and services

Technical market forcast

A comprehensive twice weekly PDF (with embedded video) report with an in depth look ahead at Gold, Oil, Copper, $ cross rates, USDX and emini equity futures plus every bi weekly edition will cover an additional one or more hot futures market which have caught our eye or which has signalled interest in the futures community. With in depth, insight and revealing analysis into the coming days. We apply our unique technical methodology to produce clean, clear and easily read charts and accompanying commentary that shows the most probable path for price in any market and what obstacles (resisting or supporting structure) may lie ahead and we examine what stimulus fundamental data events have on price direction. This service looks at the bigger picture- we step back from low time frame charts which can often confuse, complicate and distract from the overall clarity of the chart and this helps us deliver unambigeous medium and long term signals.
Suitable for traders of all levels. We will show you where important reaction lines are located and reveal the emerging patterns that are formed as price rebounds from one line to another and the probable path price will take. We will share with you our potential trade suggestions with the methodology for you to follow clearly and easily.